Robin Ellis

Robin Ellis, auteur anglais, habite dans le Tarn depuis 27 ans. Il vous présentera ses derniers ouvrages : Delicious Dishes for Diabetics, Healthy Eating for Life et Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics

Robin Ellis is best known for his role as Captain Ross Poldark in the original BBC classic series. He then returned to play a cameo in the recent smash hit adaptation of Poldark. Apart from his career as an actor Robin has always been a passionate cook. He learned to cook from his mother, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes. Following a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes himself in 1999, he researched the best way of eating for his condition. He settled on a low-carb Mediterranean diet and, together with daily walks, he has managed to control his condition successfully ever since.

Samedi à 18h, à la Maison Fonpeyrouse, Robin Ellis donnera une conférence en anglais accompagné de Irv Molotsky, journaliste au New York Times sur le thème « La nourriture saine ». Ce débat/conférence sera suivi d’une séance de dédicace.